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This 9-Year-Old Built A Nonprofit, No-Kill Animal Shelter Out Of His Garage To Help Stray Animals

Ken, 9, has grown up dreaming about someday having a shelter to help the stray animals that live near his home, but he never dreamed he could reach his goal so soon.

Ken did his best to help the local stray dogs and cats he came across near his home in the Philippines, he frequently spent time with them and offered them food, but he longed for the funds to open a no-kill shelter where he could really help his furry friends, according to The Happy Animals Club website.

Then, a few months ago, photos of Ken with three strays made their way onto the Internet, and people from all over the world began to donate money.

We got enough money to get the dogs I was feeding off the street, feed them high quality canned food, and provide them with veterinary care,” he wrote on his website.

Ken and his father were also able to build a temporary shelter for the three dogs, named Blackie, Brownie and White Puppy, in their garage. Ken named it The Happy Animals Club.

They gained a LOT of weight, their open wounds healed, and their fur grew back,” Ken wrote. “They also learned not to be scared of humans.”

He plans to put the pups up for adoption soon.

Thanks to the donations, earlier this month Ken was able to sign a one-year lease for a space where he can continue to create a nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter for street animals. He hopes to have it up and running soon.

Source: Huffington Post




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- (3未プレイだけど)ラギアクルス 描いてみた // Lagiacrus draw excercise -

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Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 103 (x)


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